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I really like W3Schools. Some people don't like it, and that's ok, too. I especially like the feature that allows me to "Try it!" myself. I can copy and paste their sample code and take it and run with it. The interface is a bit cluttered, tho', I will admit.

Code Compatabity and Browser Support Checking

Efficient File Management

When you use the <link> or <script> tags to include external libraries, in order to reduce download time for your users and links in your document that point to the links on the following page. This make the web faster:

Using Firebug

We had a study group session last night and I was asked to share the links I have to tutorials on FireBug. I have been looking at these and others for several weeks, and had a hard time finding tutorials that were of any use. Here is a link to a tutorial showing how to use the "step over" feature to catch logical errors in  your JavaScript code:

The above tutorial is very helpful and it's only a little more than seven minutes. And here is another showing how to catch errors in CSS and JavaScript:

It's perhaps a little early to jump into this, but these are short video clips and very helpful too. I'll post more links later. Hope this is of help!

For the Extra-Ambitious Advanced Users



Getting started with google search api using json:

Specific location on Google Developer page for parsing google search results in JSON format:


Good blog post on the DOM:

Good video on DOM basics: