Assignment File(s) (store in 211website folder)
lab 1: Hello World lab1/index.html
lab 2: Pacific Trails lab2/home.html, lab2/yurts.html
final project topic approval post to Moodle discussion
lab 3: uploading lab1 & lab2 folders
project 1 project1/home.html, project1/assignments.html, project1/resources.html
lab 4: CSS lab4/home.html, lab4/yurts.html, pacific.css
lab 5: Web Graphics & Text Styles lab5/home.html, lab5/yurts.html, lab5/activities.html, pacific.css
lab 6: More CSS Basics (Box Model) lab6/home.html, lab6/yurts.html, lab6/activities.html, pacific.css
Project 2: Final Project Proposal finalproject/proposal.html
lab 7: CSS layout and nav
final project flow chart
labs/lab7/javajam, labs/lab7/pacific
lab 8: More Links and Responsive Design
final project wireframe
lab 9: Tables labs/lab9/pacific/yurts.html
Final Project Draft 1 finalproject/
lab 10: Forms labs/lab10 or finalproject/
lab 11: Media & Interactivity labs/lab11 or finalproject/
Final Project finalproject/